[NEWS] Blockchain in Practice

區塊鏈可持續發展委員會發布了一份白皮書,介紹如何利用區塊鍊等非傳統技術實現可持續發展目標。 最近的文章和博客指出區塊鍊和加密貨幣已經對SDG進展產生影響的例子。 可持續解決方案區塊鏈會議和全球可持續發展行動節涉及區塊鏈在支持可持續發展目標實施方面的應用。 The Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development released a white paper describing how unconventional technologies such as blockchain can be leveraged to achieve sustainable development aims. Recent articles and blogs point to examples of where blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already having an impact on SDG progress. The Blockchain for Sustainable Solutions Conference and … Continue reading [NEWS] Blockchain in Practice