For those interested in investing in companies linking to sustainability and ESG performance, you may make a search in the below list as compiled from the internet, for ease of reference.

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Kowloon Development Company Limited
Chinese Name: 九龍建業有限公司
Burwill Holdings Limited
Chinese Name: 寶威控股有限公司
Power Assets Holdings
Chinese Name: 電能實業
Hoifu Energy Group
Chinese Name: 凱富能源集團有限公司
Hang Seng Bank
Chinese Name: 恒生銀行有限公司
Guoco Group Limited
Chinese Name: 國浩集團有限公司
Fairwood Holdings, Ltd.
Chinese Name: 大快活集團有限公司
Grand Ocean Advanced Resources Company Limited
Chinese Name: 弘海高新資源有限公司