The Acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, speaks at the Legislative Council meeting today (March 29) on the conclusion of the motion debate on “Increasing domestic demand and expanding visitor sources”

The Agriculture,Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) will liaise with the Tourism Commission to improve Hong Kong’s hot and potential hiking trails in phases over the next few years, including information boards, hiking trails, and real-time weather display screens. And so on, to provide more convenient facilities for travelers. We initially selected ten hiking trails to enhance our tourist facilities, including popular routes recommended by international media such as Hong Kong Island Longji and Saigon MacLehose Trail. Walking trails familiar to overseas tourists are the first section of Lai Chi Wo, the second section of Wuyi Teng in the North District and the Phoenix Trail in Lantau. The AFCD will also update and enrich its website and mobile applications, and add a social platform for sharing and photo geotagging to facilitate travelers sharing green tourism information.

The third development strategy is smart tourism. We will set up a new Smart Travel Landing Page to provide tourist and traffic information for passengers arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport, West Kowloon Railway Station, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Hong Kong ports to enhance their travel experience and facilitate their visits to different attractions. . When visitors use the Wi-Fi service provided by the above venues, they can connect to the website to obtain information including the facilities where the passengers are located, the traffic information of the tourist hotspots, information of hotels and retail facilities, etc. to assist passengers in planning their journeys and Hong Kong activities.

In addition, the use of information technology to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness is a general trend. As early as in the fiscal year 2016–17, we allocated $10 million to establish the “Travel Agent IT Development Matching Fund Pilot Project” through the Brigade Council. Since the launch of the scheme, the brigade has approved a total of about 110 applications. The industry has responded enthusiastically. In view of this, we have allocated an additional $30 million to the Brigade Council in 2008–19 to continue to implement and optimize the scheme and encourage more small and medium-sized travel agencies to use IT equipment themselves, including improving service quality and strengthening Information system security, improvement of inbound tour management, etc.

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