The goal of ITP is to seriously build and respond to the four core sustainability issues that affect responsible global hotel suppliers. They explicitly called on the wider industry to use the Sustainable Development Goals (also referred to as global targets) as the key to promoting business operations in the hotel business. The goal is to promote the further development of the company’s knowledge. Accelerating cooperation is faster than your ability.

ITP Director Fran Hughes said, “This cross-industry alignment to a single set of Goals is a fantastic achievement for the International Tourism Partnership. It is also a reflection of the increasing importance that the hospitality industry attaches to sustainability issues. As we move into the second half of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, business leaders have put the competition to one side to create an ambitious vision for the future and a rallying call to the whole industry. By working together, I feel certain that these businesses will create a more sustainable future for the entire hospitality industry.”

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