This data contains past 24 hours pollutant concentration in micrograms per cubic meter of air. The information is collected at various Air Quality Monitoring Stations where NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), O3 (ozone), SO2 (sulphur dioxide), CO (carbon monoxide), PM10 (respirable suspended particulates), and PM2.5 (fine suspended particulates) data is recorded at 60-minute intervals. Please note that the Air Quality Monitoring Station locations displayed on the map are approximate only. The source data is converted to Esri File Geodatabase format for sharing and reference purpose.

girl in gas mask pointing STOP
girl in gas mask pointing STOP, Focus on glove

The data can be used to monitor and measure air pollution in Hong Kong. To improve the situation of air pollution, we need this data to find out air pollution index.

2 APIs are provided as below:

GeoService link:*&where=1%3D1

GeoJSON link:


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